Back to Normal

I had severe migraines and was unable to function with normal day to day life. I tried different types of medications and had to be hospitalized several times for the migraines and pain. I missed so much school and lots of day could not even get out of bed. A friend at church suggested I try chiropractic care at Bays Chiropractic. I am now back to living a normal life with no pain. I never miss an appointment,


No Headaches

My neck would hurt and burn with very little movement in my neck. I also had terrible headaches. Dr. Bays treated me 3x a week as I had been suffering from this condition for years and it was keeping me from doing all the fun activities I enjoyed with my family. I was referred to Bays Chiropractic by a family member and co-workers. Since coming to Bays Chiropractic I have no more headaches, I can turn my neck with no pain and am back to doing the fun things I love. I never miss my monthly maintenance appointement.


Walking Again

I had constant pain all over with no energy, couldn’t walk very far. I had been to several medical doctors with no change in my condition. This started about 15 yrs ago and I started slowing down to not feeling like doing anything without lots of pain. My wife had gone to Bays Chiropractic and was doing really good. Now with being a regular patient I feel and good and feel like walking and enjoying life again. Retirement is now fun.


What others have said…

“I was having neck and shoulder pain, And I also have trouble walking. After seeing a pain specialist, whoe gave me shots that didnt help, I tried seeing Dr. Bays. Now I can walk without my cane at home, I am sleeping better than before, and able to do some housework” C.F.

“I have suffered with shoulder, neck, and low back problems that got worse after cancer surgery. I would have difficulty sleeping and always felt tired. I was sent to physical therapists, and given many medications, that only helped a little. I have used exercise and stretches to feel better, so I thought chiropractic might be similar. Since beginning treatments I am sleeping through the nightand I am amazed at the difference!” J.M.

“After being diagnosed with scoliosis at age 12 I started going to the chiropractor for maintenance purposes. It also manages my headaches, and back pain for a more comfortable life. I go on a regular basis.” S.A.

“I have had severe migraines, so bad I was unable to go on with day-to-day life. I tried many different medical treatments, and a few hospital stays, nothing helped. I hadn’t been to school in 3 months and sometimes couldnt get out of bed. After a few treatments I am back to normal with no pain.” S.M.

“I had lower back pain all of the timecame to see Dr. Bays, and after a month of treatments I feel alot better.” S.S.

I had pain in my right shoulder and right leg for many years. After treatments my shoulder pain is gone and my leg is better.” K.C.

“It was just in my neck but it was always hurting and I did not try anything to correct it. It was over a month of pain. I felt pain all the time and could not get rid of it. The treatments worked very good. Much more than I had thought it would. I feel so much better without the pain.” J.D.